"Praying Women" Featured Story #3

Kimberly J. from Gordon, GA (only 11 years old) wrote in to honor her mother, Christa J.  Read her submission paying tribute to her mom below.  


My mother is a great mother I have two brothers that my mom is doing a great job at she just turned 32 but she has served the Lord ever since she was little my mother makes sure everyday we serve the Lord my brother surrender to be a pastor he's 15 and currently in a Christian group home and serving the Lord my mom is a praying mother she enjoyed your video and use to go to church with Mrs. (Marcia) Henry we heard her sing Sunday at church I'm on my mother facebook page cause I wanted to nominate her she is a great mother and I hope I can be just like her I wanted my mom to win because I know she loves the Lord and her family I'm 11 years old thanks God bless you

*Marcia Henry is one of the songwriters of "Praying Women".



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