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Worship Leading

As lead worshippers, we should be intent on giving our very best. Here are some areas that Lindsay can help your team grow.

Worship Team:
  • Planning a worship set

  • Vocals

  • Stage presence

  • Spiritual development

  • Vocals

  • Rehearsal strategies

  • Spiritual development

Musicality in Mixing

Knowing how to turn the sound system on is only half the job of the sound technician. It is their job to present the band, vocalists, speakers, video/audio to the audience in a pleasing manner. We offer musicality training to help tech teams know not only how to properly mix the audio of your worship service, but why it’s important.

Vocal Group
  • Proper Blending

  • Proper Microphone usage

  • Monitoring

  • Managing Stage volume

  • Speaker vs In-Ear monitoring

Volume Control/Balance
  • Dynamics of house sound

  • Digital vs acoustic instruments.

Live Streaming/Recording

One of the latest movements in Church Tech is live streaming. Almost always, a prospective attendee will visit your service online before coming in person. Streaming can be a huge learning curve, and the quality/cost to comprehension curve is exponential. We can guide your church through these discussions to help you pick the situation that best fits your needs. 

  • PTZ vs Camcorder vs Phone

  • Clean Out

  • Controller

Streaming software
  • OBS

  • Restream

  • Resi

Audio mixing for Live stream
  • Dedicated output

  • Isolation

  • Effects

Presentation Software

We specialize in ProPresenter 6 and 7 software, but can help think through issues with the other major presentation software (Easy Worship, Media Shout, PowerPoint, Keynote). 

  • Graphics

  • Text

Moving Background
Stage/Confidence Monitors
  • Different layouts

  • Mirrored layouts

Integrating with other systems

Training Topics:

We offer consultation in two main areas: Technology and Worship Leading. 

Worship Leading:

We’d love to come alongside your worship team to help create an atmosphere that ushers people into the presence of Jesus. Lindsay is an award-winning soloist and also has several years of experience in coaching a college-level vocal group. Now a full-time worship pastor, Lindsay is eager to help you take your music and presentation to the next level, all for God’s glory.



We offer consultation of your tech needs to help maximize your gear’s usefulness, or help you wade through the process of deciding what gear you really need to upgrade. Do you know what gear you’ve got already? Perhaps you want an evaluation of your existing gear to know what if anything needs to be updated or simply reconfigured. Maybe your tech team needs training on your existing gear. Are you trying to get Presentation Software upgraded and working, or sending video and lyrics to a live stream? Do you need advice on what gear you should upgrade to?

Sound Gear:

The backbone of the tech department is the sound gear. But like any system, it needs to be operated properly or it can become more of a distraction than a benefit. 

Sound Board training:
  • Basics

    • Signal flow (microphones to speakers)

    • Gain structure

    • EQ

    • Auxiliary outputs

  • Digital

    • Patch bays

    • Added Effects processing

    • Scene/Snapshot management

    • Fadered board vs Wireless or Remote board

  • Analogue

    • Utilizing outboard gear

    • Sub-Mixing, etc.

Signal Processing
  • Compressors

  • Gates

  • Equalizers

Wiring/Single Chain
  • Snakes and Sub-Snakes

  • Patch Bays

Amps/Speaker Placement
  • Proper coverage

  • Proper Amp settings

Microphone types/techniques
  • Wireless vs Wired

  • Condenser vs Dynamic

  • Vocal vs Instrument

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